Robin Hood

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Robin's Location

Over the hill from Loxley in Rivelin Firth were the deer belonging to Beauchief Abbey making it easy for young Robin to poach the abbot’s deer. The abbey was founded in 1175 by Robert Fitz Ranulf who was a sheriff of Nottingham. Due to boundary changes the abbey is now in modern-day Sheffield which illustrates how close the people of Nottingham were to Yorkshire and Loxley so-much-so that Welbeck Abbey in Sherwood was the mother house to Beauchief and the church of Edwalton in Nottinghamshire was given to Beauchief for its financial foundation. The first abbot of Beauchief Abbey was Sir Thomas Chaworth from Nottinghamshire and the knight Sir Robert-de-Wadsley where Robin Hood was from witnessed the charter confirming the abbot’s instalment. (Loxley was a sub-division of Wadsley)

Not far from Loxley is Hathersage that was administered by Robin’s mortal enemy the Sheriff of Nottingham who would inflict dire penalties on those caught hunting in the nearby Royal Forest of the Peak where he had a castle at Castleton as well as Nottingham Castle further south. The only option for the humble cottage dweller living in Hathersage was to hunt away from the Royal Forest which meant crossing the county border onto land that Loxley folk claimed was theirs. This resulted in a dispute between the two villages that rumbled on for many years until it was finally settled by the arbitrator, William Jessop of Broom Hall, Sheffield who ruled that Loxley was in Yorkshire where it had always been and although the dispute was about hunting rights the ruling had the effect of confirming Robin Hood’s status as a Yorkshireman and a ditch was dug across the moors to mark the boundary. This is the reason the Sloan manuscript says “Robin Hood was born in Locksley, Yorkshire which some say was in Nottinghamshire."

The sheriff of Nottingham was 
Robert Morton who at this particular time was the steward of Conisbrough Castle in Barnsdale, right there in Robin's homeland. His father Thomas Morton was secretary to King Edward III of England so it's no wonder Robin said beware of the Sheriff of Nottingham.